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Can I combine the temperatures of indoor remote sensors to provide an average temperature reading at the thermostat?

Yes, there is a setting in the installer settings that lets you average (A) the remote sensor(s) temperature reading(s) wit the thermostat temperature reading.

What is the wireless humidity sensor used for?

The wireless humidity sensor can be used to control external humidification and/or dehumidification equipment (humidifier and/or dehumidifier). It can also be used to provide you with your homes average humidity level. It's mounted to your HVAC equipment's return air plenum, thus providing a more accurate humidity reading.

What is the Share-a-Wire module used for?

Most Wi-Fi thermostats require a constant 24-Volt (24 VAC) common "C" wire connection. This connection typically requires a 5th wire running from the thermostat to the equipment. Some systems only have 4 wires available. The Share-a-Wire module allows for a common "C" wire connection without running an extra wire.

What will happen when the remote sensor batteries become low?

If a wireless remote sensor's battery becomes low, LOW BATT will appear in the thermostat display along with the sensor that has the low battery: ODS = Outdoor Sensor and IDS1, IDS2, IDS3 or IDS4 = Indoor Sensor #1, #2, #3 or #4. Change the batteries in the sensor as soon as possible.

How many wireless remote sensors can be connected?

A maximum of four BlueLink wireless remote sensors can be connected. Out of this maximum, only one wireless outdoor sensor or wireless humidity sensor can be connected.

What types of remote sensors can I connect?

You can connect wireless Indoor, wireless Outdoor and/or wireless humidity sensor(s) to compatible BlueLink thermostats. If the thermostat has S1 and S2 terminals, you can also connect a wired indoor or outdoor remote sensor. You cannot connect a wired and wireless remote sensor of the same type.

How far away can I mount a wireless remote sensor?

There is no exact formula for how far away from the thermostat you can mount a wireless remote sensor. Many factors, such as building construction, can affect a wireless signal. It is recommended to try pairing the remote sensor in the desired location before mounting it. Metal walls can greatly reduce wireless range.

How do I pair a wireless remote sensor with a thermostat?

1) Put the thermostat into wireless connection mode by pressing and holding down the CONFIG and DAY/TIME buttons on touchscreen thermostats or the HOLD and RETURN buttons on non-touchscreen thermostats, for 3 seconds.
2) Press NEXT until the word SENS appears in the display.
3) On the sensor you wish to pair, press and hold the CONNECT button for 3 seconds (The connect button is a small button located on the back of the indoor sensor or on the circuit board of the outdoor and humidity sensors).
4) Once paired, the blue LED on the sensor will turn on for 60 seconds. Additionally, the thermostat display will indicate which sensor has been paired (i.e. ODS for Outdoor Sensor).
5) Press NEXT on the thermostat and repeat steps 3 and 4 or press RETURN to exit.

What is displayed if there is a communication loss with a remote sensor?

If wireless communication between the thermostat and a wireless remote sensor is lost a COMM LOSS message will appear in the thermostat display along with the device that has lost communication: ODS = Outdoor Sensor, HMS = Humidity Sensor and IDS1, IDS2, IDS3 or IDS4 = Indoor Sensor #1, #2, #3 or #4. Communication with this device should repair on it's own, but you can also try re-pairing the thermostat with the device by pressing the CONNECT button on the device for 3 seconds.

How do I reset the remote sensor?

To reset a remote sensor, first locate the CONNECT button. This button is located on the back of the Indoor sensor and on the inside circuit board of the Outdoor and Humidity sensors. Hold down the CONNECT button for 10 seconds until the red LED turns on solid. Let go of the button and the sensor will reset.

I connected a remote outdoor sensor, how do I view the outdoor temperature on the thermostat?

If an outdoor remote sensor was connected, you can view the outdoor temperature on touchscreen thermostats by touching anywhere in the room temperature portion of the display screen. On non-touchscreen thermostats, press and hold down the PROG and HOLD buttons to view the outdoor temperature.

I connected a remote humidity sensor, how do I view the current humidity level on the thermostat?

If a wireless remote humidity sensor was connected you can view the current humidity level on touchscreen thermostats by pressing the HUMID button. On non-touchscreen thermostats, press and hold down the DAY/TIME and RETURN buttons to view the current indoor humidity level. If enabled, press the UP or DOWN arrow button to adjust the humidity set point.